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Pension Strategies:

Company pension programs have a systemic and long term material affect on most, if not all, areas of an organization:

    * Pension short falls create a negative impact on a company's balance sheet, place a drain on available cash
       and adversely affect the strategy of that company and could also negatively impact a company's credit rating.

    * Pension regulator's indicate that the trustees should view a company that sponsors a pension program as a
       bank would view a borrower (Credit worthiness, liquidity, cash flow, ect.).

    * Possible merger and/or acquisition activity becomes increasingly difficult if there are unresolved pension 

    * The design of a pension program should be in alignment with the company's HR and commercial objectives.

    * Employees can become de-motivated if there is uncertainty or ongoing issues regarding their pension and/or
       their pension provider.

    * The pension program should be operated efficiently and effectively by competent, well-advised independent 
       trustees who understand and manage all risks of the program.

    * Audit sign off by the trustees may not be possible if there are unresolved pension issues. Trustees need to 
       have confidence in the program and its providers.

Organizations need a pension strategy and program which brings a focused alignment with the company's commercial and HR objectives bringing specificity, certainty, and stability through effective fiscal management, adequate funding strategies, efficient operation and the ongoing focused management of employee expectations within the program.

Working with you to meet your Goals!

GBS works with our clients to develop a pension strategy, how to finance their pensions program, what benefits they should and can afford to provide, and how to operate the pension.

By bringing together the technical expertise of our pension consultants and available actuarial services, including expertise in asset and liability modeling and investment strategy, with the breadth and depth of appropriate tax, accounting, corporate finance and consulting capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to deliver you a complete strategy to one of the most complex issues facing many businesses today.

Is your pension program without an effective strategy?
Let's work together to begin the process of developing a purposeful pension strategy. Take that first step and simply contact us and we will begin the process of working with you immediately.


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